What Is The Best Deck Cleaner For Mold And Algae?

Best deck cleaner

Hello Earthpaint,

I have a deck covered in mold and algae. What is the best product to use for this?

Thank you,


Deep liming the wood with Lime Clean is the way to go before you stain your deck. 

Lime Clean is a safe, non-toxic, “0” VOC mold and mildew stain remover, wood cleaner and rejuvenator. All the ingredients are available locally. There are no harmful releases during manufacturing because Lime Clean has no solvent, bleach or harmful VOCs. Lime Clean is bio-useful by acting as a soil conditioner when washed into the ground with water. This has been done by farmers for centuries.

When Lime Clean soaks into the wood for 30 – 45 minutes before giving a scrub and rinse, the wood cell takes in minerals and has reactions that are beneficial to take care of the mold. It prepares the wood fiber cells to receive the deck finish.

This is essentially what helps for the petrification effect when exterior wood is maintained with a bolstering coat of Earthpaint wood finishes. I have seen this work wonders in very moldy areas, walkways, arboretums, decks, boardwalks…We have had great feedback from our customers using Lime Clean for the same issue you are dealing with.

Best of luck with your project!



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