What Is The Best Heart Pine Floor Finish?

natural wood finish for timber frame home

The benefits of using BioPoly are many starting with the fact is non toxic and durable. The finished look can depend on the application process so having this information will be hugely helpful before starting your project...

What Is The Difference In Staining Wood Versus Using It As A Rubbing Oil?

There is a difference in staining wood versus using it as a rubbing oil. This actually depends on the look you desire for your finished project, for example, whether you want a sheen or not...

Best Non Toxic Stain For Furniture

natural wood finish for timber frame homes

Finding the the best non toxic stain for furniture can be challenging when you don't know what product to use or how it will stain the wood. Fortunately, we have just the right product for wood furniture that is non toxic and illuminates the wood beautifully without compromising sustainability.