How To Fix A Toxic Linseed Oil Floor

I had to send my wife to a hotel after nearly killing her from the fumes or turps and chemical linseed (yes i will never be allowed to forget it !)  She told me about you guys for more natural finishes. She was the one that had the bad reaction to the turpentine that I used on an old floor, poor thing, she had to spend a few days a CHEAP hotel.  
Anyway, we have old oak floors that had mold and long term water damage.  We also have old varnish and about 40 years of dirt and grime with carpet on top of that and then left for another 30 to 40 years.  After almost 2 weeks of washing and sanding they are ready to finish (they are far from pretty).  Still has some residue on them that seems to be a glue of ancient times.  So we have ordered your products (mainly due to low VOC and my wife’s health).  I just am making sure we ordered the correct stuff for tinting the floors.  We have 3 floors to cover.  All aprox 10×10 feet. 
1st  we want in blue –
2nd in expresso
3rd to finish top coat in bio poly
So I ordered the bio poly.  I am assuming this is what I will add the color to?
I will be doing diluted mix on as first coats then progressive coats to build up as many as the wood will accept.
I also ordered the citrus thinner – which i am thinking of applying on some ares to remove any further residue mainly around the doors.  I am also assuming that the would degrease and help with the application.
By the way I love your product marketing and nice to see the natural products in the US are doing well.
Yes. The order came through fine. It will ship tomorrow.
Yes. The Pure Citrus Solvent can help dissolve glues.
Yes. You can add the color to Bio Poly Natural but not the Special Linseed Oil.
We don’t build a film with Bio Poly Natural. It is a penetrating sealer. If multiple coats are applied it is done only the point of saturation.
Once the wood stops accepting finish it is saturated and done. If a film on the surface is desired at that point we apply NanoTech Clear 00 over the Bio Poly.
Adding colorant to Bio Poly Natural is a great way to stain the floor. If staining, we usually only apply one stain coat of Bio Poly, again this is to avoid building any sort of film.
Thank you for the kind comments. Maintaining product integrity makes the work worthwhile.
I hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Best wishes,
Tom Rioux

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