Best Paint For Mold Stains and Smell in a Camper


I have mold in a camper that I am currently living in for 2 more months. We had a mattress placed over a carpeted area and mold developed under the mattress, carpet and on the plywood underneath.

Outside, the underside of the plywood has a tarp material on it that is breathable. It is the slide out of the camper so it is not insulated where the mold developed. We have been living in it through the winter.

The plywood that developed mold on the inside was bare wood with carpet placed on top, then the mattress on top of that. I have removed all carpet and am cleaning the mold with vinegar/tea tree oil.

I want to paint over the mold and protect us. Looks like I will need the Lime Prime but should I top coat it? I don’t want the wood to rot and I do not want to be exposed to the mold. I believe the bottom of the wood has breathability as a tarp only covers it. I am looking to start this project as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


I would apply Lime Prime and then top coat with Lime Seal.
If you plan on putting carpet and then a bed back down, I would probably just apply two coats of Lime Prime.
If possible, coating the bottom side with Lime Prime would also be helpful.
Sometimes, people use NanoTech to try and seal in and slow down release of odors and off gassing.
This is not usually necessary with Lime Prime but in some cases people are very sensitive and the extra step helps them.
I would start with the Lime Prime. That works wonders. See how you like it. If you need more then the other two coatings are options.
Best wishes,
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