Do I have To Prime Plywood Before Using Non Toxic Paint?

Non toxic paint


I am painting a new trailer house and am using the product penofin verde on my wood surfaces. Although it claims to be odorless it does smell like rancid oil after hot days.  I wanted to add citrus solvent to help this?  I want to paint the interior plywood and luan surfaces with your eggshell clear sky.  Will I need to use Lime Prime before hand?  Also are there any health friendly caulking products recommended?


Yes. We use our Pure Citrus Solvent to dilute oil based coatings. I know the product you’re talking about but have never used it. I would test a small amount to be sure it works with their product or check with them.
The plywood does not have to be Lime Primed. You can apply Clear Skies directly over it. I would test this first to be sure you like it. As a general rule, it takes three coats of paint to cover raw wood properly. That isn’t specific to our products but it’s a good rule to go by when painting.
Some types of plywood have a tendency to bleed through. To paint exterior plywood a white or light color, I usually prime it with an oil based primer or a couple coats of NanoTech to block out any bleed through. We spot prime knot holes and such as well, if painting a light color.
I’m not sure you will encounter this issue for interior ply or luan but it’s something we watch out for.
Caulking is not an something we sell.  I use latex caulk if necessary but I don’t know of any caulk that is non toxic.
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Earthpaint is in no way liable for unintended uses of this information. Sample Pints are recommended. Please, create a completed sample board for approval in advance. Test as deemed appropriate to make sure no allergic sensitivities exist. Be sure to Read TDS (Technical Data Sheets), MSDS (Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets) Labels, How To’s and Product Web Page before using recommended products.

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