What Is The Best Stain For Pressure Treated Wood With Sun and Snow Exposure?

Deck stain
I have a weathered deck made of pressure treated wood that has had a solid stain put on and is flaking off.  It looks terrible.  It tends to get lots of sun and snow. What do you recommend?
Sure. If the wood is in good shape it will probably come back to life beautifully.
The first thing I would do is assess what the solid stain was made out of. Most solid color stains nowadays are essentially paint, thus, the peeling.
Lime Clean will remove most stains but not paint so I would probably try that out and see if helps reduce the need to sand.
Once brought to bare wood, I would:
1. Lime Clean (if not done already).
2. Sand 35-50 grit (if not done already).
2. Rainforest Sealer (in a deep tone).
The Lime Clean will clean the wood fiber cell out so it can accept the dense tree resins in Rainforest Sealer. The sanding opens the pores more for deeper penetration. Choosing one of the deeper tones in Rainforest Sealer will give you a look similar to a solid color stain but if applied according to instructions, will never peel, even with lots of sun and snow.
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