Do I Need To Strip The Coating Off Of The Wood In Order To Re-coat It With New Stain?

Mountain XT Clear 00 System

I have been using Mountain XT on a pair of barn doors for 5 years!  It has been too long since I coated and caulked them last so now I am seeing streaks that are like dark drips and the wood is becoming quite bleached.  I need help to take care of this.  Thanks in advance for your assistance. 


It looks like it’s time for a freshen up coat. All in all, the wood is in great condition and I don’t see any reason to strip the coating and start over. It just needs recoating.
The galvanized strip above the one board is dripping down with dirt and that dirt has built up and become moldy. That should wash off with a strong solution of Earth Clean.
The other boards weathered a little too long (the light colored ones).  I would sand these with 150 grit and then apply a good two coats of Mountain XT Clear 00.
That should bring it all back to life.
This kind of looks like Mahogany to me? Maybe a piece of ipe? Regardless, the wood grain appears to be nicely illuminated and I don’t know of any other way to keep those exotic hardwoods from turning grey.
I would:
1. Earth Clean
2. Sand 150 grit (lightly to scuff up surface and smooth it out)
3. Mountain XT Clear 00 x2 coats
Best wishes,

 XT Clear 00 System branded-100

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