Can I Get Paint Shipped To Canada?

Natural Stain


Can I buy non toxic paint or stain anywhere in Canada?

We offer Earthpaint factory direct online.  Shipping to Canada can be expensive.
The only way to get accurate shipping rates online is to use the cart.  Once products are in the cart and the full address is entered the carriers will provide rates.  We honor those rates but always ship according to regulations and best practices for coatings.
If it’s over a certain weight our shipping department can usually find a better rate.  Most of our shipping is done via freight lines and so we can pass on those rates when possible.
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Earthpaint is in no way liable for unintended uses of this information. Sample Pints are recommended. Please, create a completed sample board for approval in advance. Test as deemed appropriate to make sure no allergic sensitivities exist. Be sure to Read TDS (Technical Data Sheets), MSDS (Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets) Labels, How To’s and Product Web Page before using recommended products.

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