Should I Refinish My Deck Myself Or Have A Professional Do It?

Best deck cleaner
Should I finish my deck myself or have a professional do it?  Do you carry everything I need for my project?
Yes. All the products can be purchased at
Sanding helps but not everyone does it. You can give a quick scrub to the Lime Clean with a stiff bristle brush if you don’t want to sand.
I would figure 500 sft per gallon of Lime Clean (diluted 50:50 with water).
Mountain XT Stain Base should cover about 450 sft / gallon but we generally like to use sample pints to get the most accurate estimate.
It’s fairly pleasant work to me and these coatings don’t bother my chemical sensitivities. But I’m not sure if you want to do it or not.
It’s not real hard to do. I might suggest trying a small area with sample pints and see how it goes?
The contractors locally can do the work. All instructions are on the back label so any painter can do it. I would give them sample pints to produce a sample board for you to sign off on.
Labor cost is a lot more than product and varies widely.  Best of luck with your project!
Earthpaint is in no way liable for unintended uses of this information. Sample Pints are recommended. Please, create a completed sample board for approval in advance. Test as deemed appropriate to make sure no allergic sensitivities exist. Be sure to Read TDS (Technical Data Sheets), MSDS (Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets) Labels, How To’s and Product Web Page before using recommended products.

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