How Do You Get Wood Weathered For Your Deck To Absorb Stain Properly?

Mountain XT Clear 00 System


When I built my deck 5 years ago I didn’t know about letting pressure treated wood weather for a year and then sanding off mill glaze. So the Defy epoxy wood stain I put on failed in one winter. I have stripped it’s remnants off and will run a sander over it to get to bare, fresh wood.  The deck gets 6 – 8 hours of sun in the summer and snow in the winter.  What do you recommend? Thanks.

I would Lime Clean the deck, which will prepare it better than sanding alone.
We actually stain new pressure treated the first year after Lime Clean and it works well.
I think your area, in that amount of sun and snow, I would go with Mountain XT in a color that balances your desires with longevity.
Mountain XT is a much different technology than the epoxy fortified stuff. I’m pretty sure they discontinued that product. Rather than using water based resins, the Mountain XT uses dense tree resins that are oil based and known to handle tough weather well. It doesn’t get stripped every year. Once properly applied the wood fiber cell gets infused and future maintenance will bring about a petrification effect. In your area, that is what I would go for. Something that can really sure up the wood and bolster itself as the years go by.

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