How Do You Get Wood Weathered For Your Deck To Absorb Stain Properly?

Mountain XT Clear 00 System

It is that time of year for outside living so having your deck refinished the right way is important in saving wasted time and money. Making sure you know how to get wood weathered for your deck to absorb the stain properly is key to a beautiful finish...

Can I Get Step By Step Instructions To Clean and Stain My Deck?

Mountain XT Clear 00 is the best deck stain

It is helpful to get step by step instructions to clean and stain your deck so you don't run into problems with your project later on. In order to have your desired finish you need to prep the deck properly...

What Is The Best Way To Clean And Stain Pressure Treated Wood?

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Cleaning pressure treated wood properly before staining must happen so the wood absorbs the stain the right way. We have a step by step solution for exactly this situation so you have a beautifully finished project...

Western Red Cedar Deck Stain Safe To Use With A Chemically Sensitive Child

For a western red cedar deck stain to use with a chemically sensitive child you need a product that is non toxic and safe for the family. There are important steps to take to prepare the deck properly. Lime Clean has zero VOC and super strength to prep your deck before staining. Next, sand the deck with a 35-50 grit and finally use Rainforest Sealer (diluted 1 quart per gallon with Pure Citrus Solvent) for a beautiful finish.