What Product Can Be Used Over Mold On The Ceiling?

mold remediation paint project


We think we are experiencing mold on our ceiling due to moisture from the atmosphere when it rains.  What is the best product to use for this?
Thank you!


Yes. That sounds like it can be a problematic situation.
When mold is coming through the paint, we assess where the mold is getting food from.

If the only way moisture can get into that ceiling is from the area being painted then we know it needs to be sealed.
If it can get moisture from above, the roof or elsewhere, then it probably should remain breathable.

Lime Prime on it’s own is breathable.
Lime Prime coated with Lime Seal will block out the moisture.  Good luck!

To learn more about mold remediation please click here:


Earthpaint is in no way liable for unintended uses of this information. Sample Pints are recommended. Please, create a completed sample board for approval in advance. Test as deemed appropriate to make sure no allergic sensitivities exist. Be sure to Read TDS (Technical Data Sheets), MSDS (Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets) Labels, How To’s and Product Web Page before using recommended products.

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