How To Remove A Musty Odor?

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Dear Earthpaint,
I am writing to find out what you recommend for a situation we have in our laundry room and the crawl space below. There is a strong musty odor in both the crawl space and the laundry room above it.  There  were mice living in the insulation, which we removed, but the odor remains. There was light mold growth on some of the floor joists which we removed using concrobium. But the smell remains. My sister (who absolutely loves your products and uses them religiously) recommended your lime prime product to us. Is this something you would recommend in this situation?

Lime Prime and Lime Seal are often used for this purpose. Spraying the crawl space and joists, floor… with Lime Prime is often enough to solve the musty issue. Sometimes the floor gets sprayed if that is a source that wicks moisture up into the home. Many wall cavities get holes drilled and then Lime Prime is sprayed in there too. 
The Lime Seal x 2 coats is applied when the surface has dried out safely with Lime Prime. Lime Seal will bond very well with Lime Prime and this creates a very durable, washable surface for long term use. Not all Crawl Spaces need the full system. This is easier to discern on the jobsite and after reading the Lime Prime webpage and the Technical Data Sheets for each product. 
The back label also has much info. A gallon may be enough to get a good idea how well it will neutralize odors. It’s also a good way to test it out and make sure it feels like a good fit. Sample pints are also available. To me it’s worthwhile to do it all in Lime Prime and Lime Seal but the sample pints are a great way to test it out and make sure you love it before doing the whole project.

Best of luck with your project!

Earthpaint Customer Service

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