What Is The Best Paint To Go Over Mold?

I was looking at your Lime Prime as a possibility for dealing with mold in our attic. We are down to the studs with insulation removed and we have quite a bit of mold on the roof. Is Lime prime the product to use to kill and seal the mold?
If so, how much would you recommend for 650 sq ft?
Thank you!

Lime Prime is what I would use to do it right! There is some nuance to attics so you may find this link helpful https://shop-earthpaint.net/products/lime-prime because it will have a Technical Data Sheet for more information. The attic you describe would be more of a “Basic Application”. So, I’d read that and follow the basic instructions on the TDS and Back Label of the Can. 

From a practical sense, here are a few things that are common; things we watch for on those projects. 
1. Moisture/Mold deeper into the wood, below surface.  2. Migrating moldy liquids – Lime Prime helps wick this moisture out safely. 3. Airflow and vapor escape in the area. 

Most attic mold started during construction, and can last the lifetime of a building. Spores may wait inactive for years until the moisture can germinate growth. Regardless, soaking deeply with Lime Prime allows wood to dry out safely and helps pull that moisture and moldy vapors out of wood. Once this occurs, it doesn’t peel off in sheets or rot the wood with trapped moisture. But drying out time will need to be expected. Understanding this in advance can make it easier to get the job done right.
Once the moisture content in the wood comes out (15% or less), you can touch up any severe areas if needed and then seal the wood tight with Lime Seal x 2 coats. Lime Seal and Lime Prime are advanced inorganic engineering.  They work together, using pozzolanic methods and specific resins to become unusually durable, long term. 

Some wood is already dry enough to be Lime Primed and Lime Sealed right away. Its just good practice to make sure. Normal spread rate is 400 ft² per gal but this type of work depends on how thirsty the wood is. We want as much as possible to soak in. So I’d try to get 250 ft² per gal into wood. Also, beams and rafters add up to a large amount of ft² area.  Sample pints can reveal exact spread rate most accurately.  If I had to guess,  I’d probably want 3 gallons Lime Prime on hand and figure on having extra for touch ups. 2 or 3 gallons of Lime Seal would probably get two coats on but Im really guessing. This is best judged on site. 
Thank you for reaching out to us! Best of luck with your project!

Earthpaint Technical Team

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