What Is The Best Paint To Stop Off-Gassing?

Hi Earthpaint,

I have repainted the interior of my home with Ben Moore paint and have been having a reaction to the VOC off-gassing, especially at night. Is the Lime Prime formula applicable to reducing or eliminating chemical off-gassing in paints? The surface is interior drywall. No moisture or mold issue exist.

Thank you,


Here is our recommendation for your situation:

Yes!  You can use Lime Prime 1x coat and Lime Seal 2x coats for off-gassing.

However, if the paint you used previous was oil based:

1.  Sand with 100 grit

2.  Wash with Earth Clean to remove contaminants

3.  Apply NanoTech Clear 00 or white depending on the color you want 2x coats

4.  Lime Prime 1x and Lime Seal 2x coats can be applied afterwards.

It takes at least 2 coats for off gassing and Nanotech is the best technology for it.  In our experience it works well for this situation.  Just to be clear, it requires some testing but this is the general principle of how it would be done.   

We understand your situation and that is exactly why we formulated Earthpaint products!  Best of luck to you!

Reach out with any questions!

Earthpaint Support Team

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