What Is The Best Stain For A Douglas Fir Deck?


I am making a deck out of new douglas fir and have a few questions. I am looking for low maintenance and prefer a stain I can just recoat without sanding. What is the best product for this?

Thank you,


Coating all six sides of the wood is ideal if it’s being built now.  

The Clear 00 System requires regular clear coats or it’ll slowly weather away. 

The deep tone stains are used for one and done type projects, Espresso, Almond, Oak Tone Deep… usually a compatible color is selected so deep scratches, cracks, gouges…don’t contrast. Almond, Brown Cinnamon and Light Cedar are pretty compatible with fir.

Fir ages beautifully with The Clear 00 System and that is what I’ve seen the most of on exterior for decks. 

Wash between maintenance coats. We sand everything no matter what but if sanding is an issue then Lime Clean works well and can be scrubbed to similar effect. Liming fir is definitely a good idea regardless. 

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Earthpaint Technical Support

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