Best Deck Stain To Match New & Existing Decks with a new Porch Roof?

Hi, I added an extension to my deck and built an overhang. I want to keep the overhang light colored but the deck is a dark colored stain.  I need some help figuring out the deck stain.  So there are three parts:

  1. The existing pressure treated deck (which is dark brown).
  2. The new deck that butts up to the old dark brown deck.
  3. The overhang but I want to keep the pine T&G ceiling it’s natural pine color.   

For a project that has multiple surfaces such as this it would be easy to coat everything the same way except that could end up being problematic later. For that reason, we recommend a two tone or possibly three tone approach.

In this particular instance, since you want the pine T&G to remain light toned and natural in color, using NanoTech Clear 00 on the pine ceiling would keep light tones light. It is easy to apply and wash later. This is also easier than applying an oil based on a ceiling.

The best approach for the existing deck is using Lime Clean first, sand 50 grit, then use Rainforest Sealer in desired color diluted with 1 quart per gallon of Corn or Citrus Solvent.

The Clear 00 Sytem is also worth considering. The benefits of the Clear 00 system is it keeps the natural tones of wood that get a lot of sunlight and weather without the greying and constant maintenance of a light colored stain.  The end result is a beautiful sustainable finish that dramatically enhances your home while preserving the wood.