Safe Stain For A Small Squirrel House

What product would be safe enough for a small squirrel house?

For small projects such as staining a pine wood squirrel house you want to make sure the product used is protecting the wood from the elements and safe for the animals.

On this particular project the house would be nailed to a pine tree that has very little foliage on the limbs and exposed to Florida sun most of the day.  In addition, not having to “redo” the stain every 6 months and having the house protected from mold and the elements was important.

Rainforest Sealer in Mountain Laurel Deep (or any desired color) would work best.   Mountain Laurel Deep is a great color that matches tree bark well. A pint will not only give you enough coverage to get the job done but keep your furry friend safe from unhealthy toxins!

Read more about Pisgah Pete (pictured above). He is the albino squirrel mascot nearby in Brevard.