What’s the best Deck Stain To Finish A Tongue and Groove Exterior Porch?

I am getting set to replace the 100 year old tongue and groove flooring on a front porch.  The porch has a roof over it but is not enclosed so it gets only a little bit of UV and rain.  I want it to look like an indoor hardwood floor.  Currently, the floor is yellow pine which I want to replace with red oak.  Which products would you recommend?

The best thing to do would be use The Clear 00 System:

  1. Lime Clean
  2. Rainforest Sealer (dilute 1 qt per gallon with Pure Citrus Solvent)
  3. Mountain XT Clear 00 x 2 coats mopped.

Since it’s oak, the stairs will need a clear coat to bolster it in 6-12 months just to keep them nice.  Oak generally isn’t great outside.  It will want to shed coatings in the sun as it acclimates.  If you let your floor acclimate, say for a year, then the oak will look quite weathered and rough.  If possible, I would try to get some doug fir, since that holds up better outside.  I have seen many porches done with The Clear 00 System over the years on doug fir.  If you do use the oak, I would just plan to clear coat every so often and be sure to put the Rainforest down first.

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