Best Deck Stain for Maintaining A Deck In High Sun

I am looking for a recommendation on how to go about maintaining our deck with your products. I have 1000 square feet of exterior deck (I believe its pine) that was last stained with Flood CWF-UV Cedar two years ago. The wood is fairly weathered, a lot of the cedar color has faded at this point. I would like to not have to clean and re-stain this large deck every 2 years so am hoping I can stain with a similar cedar color initially and then maintain with a clear sealer.

What sequence of products would you recommend and how to apply?
How long will the stained color last after the initial treatment and what would the following maintenance schedule be? It is now summer (90s, full sun) here in Maryland, so when would you recommend I begin applying? Is it safe to do it now or should I wait until fall? I know conventional stains warn against direct sun and high heat when applying.

Most of our exterior wood finishes do well when applied in sun. In fact, the warmth can help improve the wood fiber cell saturation. However, you say the deck might be pine but if it’s pressure treated wood in full harsh sun then we will need to consider the best approach.

Pressure treated decks can’t be stained like the high quality woods can. The Clear 00 System, which is really the best overall way to maintain exterior wood long term but pressure treated wood has so much movement and chemicals in it that sometimes it’s better to paint or stain it a darker color. Sometimes it’s fine but not always.

The first thing to do is to no matter what is to prep the deck and try some sample pints to see what you will like the best. The best deck cleaner is Lime Clean. That will prep it well. It’s odorless and can be done with just a light scrub brush on a pole and a garden hose.In harsh sun, on pressure treated, in the Honey vein of color I sort of lean toward one of the Clear Skies Satin Oak Tone’s. Those can be real nice colors that could be repainted easily as needed. I’ve never heard of it lasting less than 4-5 years on a deck and I’ve seen it last closer to ten on the rails but that will depend on the deck. Either way you will have a deck that looks beautiful and holds up in the elements.

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A sample pint is recommended for creating a completed sample in advance.


Earthpaint is in no way liable for unintended uses of this information. Sample Pints are recommended. Please, create a completed sample board for approval in advance. Test as deemed appropriate to make sure no allergic sensitivities exist. Be sure to Read TDS (Technical Data Sheets), MSDS (Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets) Labels, How To’s and Product Web Page before using recommended products.


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