Can Lime Prime For Mold Be Used To Go Over Pipes?

Lime Prime For Mold

Mold remediation projects take careful measures to prevent mold from returning. There are many aspects to ensuring this is done correctly. Everything from floor to ceiling even pipes may need to be addressed. Lime Prime is the ideal solution for mold projects but knowing if Lime Prime can be used to go over pipes is a very good question we can answer...

Best Paint For Mold Stains and Smell in a Camper

Mold developed under the bed and carpet in a camper. The carpet was removed and now the plywood needs to be painted. By using Lime Prime to paint directly over the mold it will kill the mold. For added protection a top coat may be used such as NanoTech or Lime Seal. This is used when people want to try to seal in and and slow down release of odors and off gassing.