What Can I Use For A Cedar Deck That Grows Mold On It?

ext deck stain ipe deck teak table


My deck is close to the ground and even though it gets lots of sun in summer, it tends to grow mold in certain areas.  The wood is cedar and is few years old.  Due to the fact the deck is so close to the ground I believe it does not get a chance to dry out much underneath.  What suggestions do you have?  Thank you!


If the underside isn’t visible, and is close to the moldy wet ground, I would probably spray Lime Prime under the deck onto the wood.
Then I would:
1. Lime Clean
2. Sand 35-50 grit.
3. Mountain XT (in a deep tone stain color)
Some of the nice deep tones for red cedar are Red Bark, Almond, Chocolate Brown, Espresso, Cappuccino.
Some popular colors for that wood in medium tones are Brown Cedar, Brown Cinnamon, Fawn, Cinnamon Stick and sometime Butter Toffee.
If you’d like I could take a look at a couple pictures and see if I can get a better feel for what is happening.
Best wishes,
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