What Paint Should I Use For Reoccurring Mold In The Bathroom?

Lime Prime For Mold
I manage an apartment complex and one of the tenants has mold growing in the bathroom.  I already cleaned it once, painted with Zinsser mold killing primer and it has started growing again.   I am considering Lime Prime instead.  Should I put 2 coats of the Lime Prime on before I paint it?  Also, I am looking for a cream color in Clear Skies Paint what do you recommend?
Navajo White and Honeycombe White are very popular colors for residential walls. Navajo Cream is the same as Navajo White but a bit more color added.

For an apartment, I would try to stay in the Navajo White family if possible; just to make repainting simpler.

If the mold keeps coming back and you think it’s a problem area, I would apply two coats of the Lime Prime and one coat of Lime Seal in the color of choice.
For some commercial or problematic bathroom walls that get water splashed on them, we will apply a clear coat of NanoTech Clear 00 over top of the Lime Seal.
This is seldom necessary and usually only happens for walls getting serious water but it might be a trick worth keeping in the back pocket for later, if needed.
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Best paint for a bathroom
Lime Prime and Lime Seal For A Bathroom

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