Western Red Cedar Deck Stain Safe To Use With A Chemically Sensitive Child

For a western red cedar deck stain to use with a chemically sensitive child you need a product that is non toxic and safe for the family. There are important steps to take to prepare the deck properly. Lime Clean has zero VOC and super strength to prep your deck before staining. Next, sand the deck with a 35-50 grit and finally use Rainforest Sealer (diluted 1 quart per gallon with Pure Citrus Solvent) for a beautiful finish.

Best Stain Color On Cedar Shakes

The best stain color on cedar shakes to use would be Mountain XT Stain then choose a desired color. Butter Toffee is very popular on cedar homes and looks a lot darker on cedar siding than it shows on line. Cape Cod Grey may be the most popular color for cedar siding. The Mountain XT will give more mold protection which is helpful in your area. These suggestions would not only give the wood the protection necessary but also work well on cedar shakes.